Conventional lightning Protection
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Protection of buildings during lightning has become an inevitable affair. The best method to protect the building from lightning is Conventional lightning rod (Spike arrester). It is designed with a metal rod or high quality conductor that is mounted on the top of a building and connected to the ground using a wire. Whenever lightning strikes the rod, the Conventional Lightning Protection System conveys the light safely to ground with the wire. It helps in passing the lightning to the ground and saving the building from fire or electrocution caused by the lightening strike.

Spike Lightning Arrester is in huge demands in the market as it is a single component used as protection system. Along with rods mounted at the highest portions, a Conventional Lightning Arrester includes a rooftop arrangement of conductors, numerous conductive paths going from the roof to the ground, bonding links to metallic things inside the arrangement and a grounding network. A metal strip and rod is used of copper or aluminum to design the rooftop lightning rod.

Conventional Lightning Protection System can be easily installed on buildings, structures, monuments, trees, bridges or water vessels for protecting them from lightning harm. Varied other names are also given to the individual lightning rods like air terminals, finials, or strike termination devices.

Spike Lightning Rod has proved as a very competent hybrid lightning dissipater. It decreases the amount of potential between the tower and storm cell when using as a shield by transporting the electrical charge to the adjoining ionizing air molecules.

This conversion represents the leakage of the charge or dissipation that further ensures the reduction of the possibility of a lightning strike. If the electric charge buildup rate exceeds the dissipation rate, Conventional Lightning Protection Rod redirects the strike away from the sheltered apparatus to a secured path to earth.

Spike Lightning Protection Rod includes:

Lightning Rod (interception system):- A Lightning Spike Rod (Spike arrester) or lightning conductor designed from a metal of GI, Copper, and SS. It is mounted on the top of a building to discharge lightning current from cloud.

Down Conductor:-

Down conductor is a material that contains movable electric charges. The movable charged particles in metallic conductors like copper, aluminum or GI are electrons that assist making the discharge of Lightning energy at a very brisk pace. This is connected between the Lightning rod and earth pit to make a discharge path. It is available in flat as well as round shape.

Earthing: In Lightning ejection, a chemical Earthing (grounding) arrangement is necessary to define the electrical potential of the conductors relative to the Earth's conductive surface. Spike Lightning Rod protection system has special grounding system to securely carry out the extremely high voltage currents linked with lightning strikes.